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  • 30 per person for Indians
  • 70 per person for Foreigners

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The Thar Heritage Museum Jaisalmer Address: Gandhi Chowk Rd, Sadar Bazar, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, 345001, India

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Day Timing
Monday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wedesday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
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Jaisalmer, one of the top tourist cities in India, is renowned for its majestic Jaisalmer Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which towers over the city and provides breathtaking panoramic views.

Exploring the narrow lanes of the fort, adorned with intricate architecture and vibrant markets, is a captivating experience. Additionally, Jaisalmer boasts a treasure of havelis, such as Patwon Ki Haveli and Nathmal Ki Haveli, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and captivating tales of the past.

Jaisalmer also has a hidden gem you don't want to miss—the Thar Heritage Museum. This captivating museum offers visitors an incredible experience as it takes you on a magical journey through the region's history, traditions, and amazing art.

The Thar Heritage Museum is a crucial guardian of the Thar Desert's rich heritage. It acts as a shining light, working tirelessly to protect and promote the customs, traditions, and artistic expressions that make this region so special.

All about the Thar Heritage Museum

Located near the bustling market area, the Thar Heritage Museum attracts visitors with its splendid Haveli-style architecture. Mr L N Khatri developed the museum. He was a student of history and mythology and loved collecting things. As you step through its doors, you are taken back in time to immerse yourself in the rich legacy of the Thar Desert and its people.

#Trivia: The Thar Heritage Museum is a private museum. The museum artefacts were solely collected and presented by Mr L N Khatri.

The museum has a remarkable collection showcasing the region's fascinating history. You get to admire the beautiful and detailed artwork, learn about the fascinating history, and completely immerse yourself in the vibrant culture that makes this region so incredible. It's like taking a step back in time and discovering the secrets of the past.

The museum aims to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the Thar Desert and educate visitors about the history, lifestyle, and traditions of the region's people. It serves as a repository of artefacts, documents, and exhibits that depict the local way of life.

#Trivia: There is a Snakes & Ladders, a recreation of the museum which would attract visitors for more hours.

The Thar Heritage Museum is not just a repository of artefacts but a living, breathing testament to the region's heritage. The museum occasionally hosts cultural programs, where visitors can witness captivating folk performances and traditional dance forms. These experiences allow for a deeper connection with the culture and leave visitors with lasting memories.

When you visit the Thar Heritage Museum in Jaisalmer, it's like going on an exciting journey into the amazing world of the Thar Desert. As you leave the museum, you deeply appreciate the rich legacy of the Thar Desert and the wonderful people who live there.

Architecture of the Thar Heritage Museum

The Thar Heritage Museum is housed in a beautiful traditional Haveli-style building, a characteristic architectural style of Rajasthan. The building is an attraction, showcasing intricate carvings, jharokhas (balconies), and architectural details that are representative of the region.

The museum is divided into various galleries dedicated to a specific aspect of the Thar Desert's heritage. These galleries cover topics such as local art forms, traditional jewellery, pottery, puppetry, and displays highlighting the daily life and traditions of the desert communities.

In these galleries, you'll find yourself immersed in the daily life and customs of the desert dwellers. Witness the art of pottery-making, where skilled artisans shape clay into exquisite vessels.

Learn about the importance of turbans in Rajasthani culture and the symbolism behind the unique patterns adorning them. The museum brings these traditions to life, allowing visitors to appreciate the desert life.

Entry fees and timings of the Thar Heritage Museum

There is an entry fee for the visitors of the Thar Heritage museum. It is Rs. 30 for Indian visitors and Rs. 70 for foreign visitors. The museum is open every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. So, select the time that best suits you and grab the tickets for the museum.

Best time to visit the Thar Heritage Museum

The preferable season to visit Jaisalmer is winter. Evenings in Jaisalmer are quite soothing because it is too hot at day time. Nights can get chilly because of the cool desert winds.

If you visit in the evening, make sure to attend the puppet show, which is the museum's main highlight.

How to reach the Thar Heritage Museum?

Jaisalmer is a well-known tourist place in Rajasthan, and there are various modes of transportation like local transport, railways or airports to visit the place. It is well-connected to almost all major cities in India.

By Road: You can go by local transport or bus to visit the museum by road. It will be cost-effective, and you will also get to explore the locals through this. You can enjoy a road trip from nearby cities and revel in the panoramic view along the highway.

By Rail: The Jaisalmer railway station is just 3.8 km from the museum. You can go by local auto or bus from the station to reach easily and conveniently. You can also book a cab, if preferable.

By Air: The Jaisalmer Airport is 15.9 km away from the museum. You should book a cab or taxi from top car rental companies in Jaisalmer to reach the place easily. It might take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to travel.

The Thar Heritage Museum is a treasure trove of knowledge and a celebration of Jaisalmer's rich cultural heritage. A visit to this museum is an opportunity to delve into the soul of Jaisalmer and gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural diversity and timeless allure of this captivating city. Book a Jaisalmer tour package with Jaisalmer Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA and visit this remarkable museum that will undoubtedly leave you with a deep appreciation for the vibrant tapestry of Rajasthan's cultural heritage. To get in touch with us, please fill the Contact Us form.

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